Good Boy

The only member of our team who could pee on the carpet and be forgiven, Basil's enduring loyalty, optimism and tireless work ethic inspired both the name and values of our company.

Mike Langille


Company founder, Mike is a 35-year industry veteran who places customer loyalty and service on par with delivering the absolute highest professional standards.

Nick Nifort

General Manager

A skilled technician and Basil team member since 2014, Nick is now a recent addition to our management team.

Rob Vanier

Vice President

A highly respected member of our industry, Rob brings over three decades of insight and experience to every project - from small meetings of 50 people to large conventions of 5000 or more.


Jordan Newell

Audio-Visual Technician 

A recent addition to the team, Jordan joins basil with varied experience in both theatre and the corporate audio-visual industries.

Adam Walters

Technical Director

A highly experienced technician and creative problem solver, Adam is a 2013 graduate of the NSCC Recording Arts Program.